New system allows locals to track Queensland ambulances

GOLD Coasters can now see exactly how many ambulances are available in their region and what their workload is, with a simple click of a computer mouse.

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg said in an Australian first, the Queensland Ambulance Service was using social media to release real time tracking of the fleet of more than a thousand vehicles.

“For the first time anyone can see exactly how many ambulances are available at a given time across the state,” Mr Springborg said.


“Families want to know that if they have an emergency, an ambulance will be available and this is now possible.

“If there is pressure on the ambulance service, that information will also be freely available.”

The tracking tool is now up and running on the QAS website, and is directly linked to the Emergency Services Computer Aided Dispatch system.

QAS Commissioner Russell Bowles said it should end the fallacy on ambulance availability.

“One of the biggest misconceptions is that when there are ambulances dropping patients at a hospital, there are none available to respond to other emergencies,” Mr Bowles said.

“Use of the QAS social media stream has more than doubled in the past six months. We can use this tool to dispel some of the myths.”

Mr Springborg said the QAS was streets ahead in ambulance services in Australia.

“The QAS is embracing technology and social media for the benefit of Queenslanders and better workforce management,” he said.

“It shows the Newman Government has a strong plan that is creating a brighter, healthier future for Queensland families.”