New thrill for movie lovers in Surfers


Managing Director Michael Kurt (black shirt) opening the Cavill Ave Cinema

Managing Director Michael Kurt (black shirt) opening the Cavill Ave Cinema

Three dimensional viewing has been taken to a whole new level in Surfers Paradise, with a second 7D Virtual Reality Cinema opening in Cavill Mall and more are planned.


Australia’s first outlet opened on the corner of Trickett Street and Surfers Paradise Boulevard in 2012 and has been especially well received by overseas visitors.  More than 50,000 visited in the first 12 months.

Yesterday the red ribbon was cut at another outlet, 500 metres away on Cavill Ave.  Managing Director Michael Kurt said the high demand for a second 7D Cinema showed that 21st Century moviegoers were looking for more interaction out of their cinema experiences.

“We scoured the world to find the latest technology in virtual reality to allow our guests to feel as though they are part of the movie in a way that has never been done before in Australia” said Mr Kurt.

The experience combines virtual reality technology with high tech rollercoaster movements and special effects such as snow and rain to make the viewer feel like they are actually “in” the scene.  Mr Kurt said “this is the only simulator in the world that produces drops that recreate that lower-belly rollercoaster felling”.

As well a light mist appears from time to time, or a strange scent might fill the air.  ‘”Touch” is also a sensation that brings the whole thing to life, especially during the horror flicks.

When you walk in to the cinema you are asked to take your 3D glasses, sit down and strap on a seat belt and hold on to the handles provided.

There are plenty of different short films to choose from, some more family friendly than others.  One, the “Wall of China”, makes you feel like you are being towed along the iconic landmark on the back of a pushbike over the bumps and around the many twists and turns.  A few times you actually feel like you are going to topple over the edge before making a last minute recovery.

Another called “Bloody Road” is not for the faint hearted.  You find yourself driving a car while being chased by zombies, before you walk into a home and are confronted by the undead.

A word of advice for anyone who suffers from motion sickness, you might want to take some travel sickness tablets beforehand, to get the most out of the experience.

Mr Kurt said the plan is to take the 7D Cinemas nationwide, with the next outlet planned for Sydney.