New Top Gear labelled ‘Flop Gear’ by viewers

Viewers and reviewers have been scathing of the re-booted motor show Top Gear following its debut in the UK.

Redhead British TV and radio personality Chris Evans and former Friends star Matt LeBlanc front the new series, replacing the much loved trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

Clarkson (pictured, centre) was booted off the program after a number of off-camera incidents, including the punching of a crew member.


But those who watched the new Top Gear feel the producers should have let that slide in order to keep ratings.

Viewers were brutal on Twitter, renaming the show ‘Flop Gear’ and blasting Evans for ‘shouting’.

The original line up of Clarkson, May and Hammond will front a new motoring show on British TV channel Amazon.