New weather threat with severe storms to bring ‘giant hail, destructive winds’

As the cleanup from flooding continues, southeast Queensland is facing a new weather threat with severe storms likely to hit the region over the next few days.

Storms are possible across some areas of the southeast on Wednesday evening, including the Gold Coast.

But they are more likely to happen on Thursday and they could be pretty bad.


“On Thursday we could potentially see severe thunderstorms with large to giant hail, damaging to destructive winds and locally heavy to intense rainfall rates,” BOM Forecaster Diana Eadie said.

“Now as we know there’s a lot of water on the ground already and catchments are very saturated and for that reason, a flood watch is being issued to cover the risk of potential renewed river rises across the southeast.”

The BOM says the storms will be more ‘hit and miss’ rather than the widespread rainfall we’ve experienced over recent days.

Acting State Disaster Coordinator Shane Chelepy is urging everyone to be mindful of the risk of storms over the next few days.

“Tragically we have lost a number of lives through this event and as you’ve heard from the Bureau, if we get really isolated storms through tomorrow it can result in fast-rising, flash flooding and rising water in our rivers and creeks,” Deputy Commissioner Chelepy said.

“So please, I say to everyone, please take care. I know you want to get your areas cleaned up but it’s important we look after each other.”