New website shows exact crime locations on the Gold Coast

A NEW website is allowing Gold Coasters to see exactly where crimes have taken place in their suburb.

Using, locals can find out where drugs, assaults, fraud, theft and other offences have occurred in their area over the past 13 years.

Unlike the official Queensland Police Service crime map which hides addresses, shows the offences at specific homes and businesses.


QPS Crime Map

QPS Crime Map


The privately-run website claims to use data provided by Queensland Police Service on their Queensland Open Data site.

In terms of accuracy of the data, the creators of the website said, “From a few small tests we have done it appears that most of the offences match up to what we have experienced in our lives.”

“Other users have also confirmed that the data is accurate for the area around them.

“On the flip side, we have also received comments that the data is inaccurate. Ultimately it will be up to your discretion to interpret the results as accurate or not.”

The Courier Mail reports, Police said they would ask the website to remove addresses from the map to protect privacy.

Queensland Council for Civil Liberties vice president Terry O’Gorman told the paper the website could assist criminals, affect victims of crime and even affect house valuations.

Creators of the website said they are “A bunch of passionate developers who love to visualise data”.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the website is an invasion of privacy?