New youth crime laws set to pass parliament this week

The Queensland government’s new youth crime laws look set to pass through parliament as soon as this week.

The Premier announced the raft of changes back in February, following a spate of youth crime incidents.

Legislation changes include GPS tracker trials for repeat offenders, metal detecting wands will also be trailed in Safe Night Out precincts including here on the Gold Coast, a strengthening of bail laws, and further requirements for parents of offenders.


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There were concerns the legislation may take a while to pass, with the opposition calling for a return of breach of bail laws instead.

However, the state government argued that would be ineffective.

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But after shocking new stats revealed by Newscorp, it’s clear that action needs to be taken now.

Data shows that 4,323 people were charged with possessing a knife in a public place or school in Queensland over the 12 months to June 2020.

17 per cent of those were children.

A committee tasked with reviewing the state government’s proposed legislation changes has reportedly recommended that they be passed.

Queensland’s state parliament meets today.

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In the mean time 78 cars have been stolen, numerous homes broken into and a couple of stabbings.
No big deal or rush.

Long Overdue! ➡️

What’s the point of requirements for parents? The parents have already failed. This is just an exercise in finding someone to blame, rather than actually fixing the problem.

laws won’t change anything we are weak as p*** when it comes to the justice system!! but God forbid if the name of a lolly or cheese offends someone we will clamp down on that straight away.