New Zealand airport worker tests positive on the second day of travel bubble

New Zealand authorities have confirmed that an airport worker has tested positive, just 24 hours after the first flights from Australia arrived.

The nation’s Ministry of Health reported the case this morning, saying that rapid contact tracing was now underway.

At the moment, not much information has been confirmed about the infection. Only that it is understood to have been an Auckland airport worker.


“The usual protocol of isolating the case, interviewing them, and tracing their contacts and movements is underway.

“More information will be provided later today and this case will be included in tomorrow’s totals,” a statement from NZ Ministry of Health reads.

It comes on day two of the trans-Tasman bubble after more than 1,800 Australians touched down in the country without having to quarantine.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says that the person was fully vaccinated, and the infection was picked up as part of routine testing.

“This is also someone who is part of routine testing. So they were last tested on the 12th and then the 19th. So regular testing.

“And it was their most recent test in which this case has been picked up. So you can see those protocols there, working as we would intend,” Ms Ardern said just moments ago.

Ms Ardern went on to say that she had not spoken directly to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, but that her Health Minister was in touch with his Australian counterpart.

“When we opened on both sides we of course knew we would continue to have cases connected to our border.

“In fact when we announced the date for opening the Trans-Tasman bubble, Queensland was dealing with cases linked to its border.

“We accept that’s going to be part of our journey together. I think Australia accepts that. And for both sides, we’re always looking for clear connection to the border. In this case there is,” Ms Ardern said.

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