New Zealand forced back into lockdown over four new COVID cases

A major city in New Zealand has been forced back into lock down, after recording four new cases of coronavirus.

They’re the first new cases in more than 100 days, with authorities still unsure as to how they may have been contracted.

The four cases of community transmission have all popped up within the same family, prompting Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to put all of Auckland into stage three lock down from midday today.


“This means stay at home in your bubble other than for essential movements, such as going to the supermarket or local recreation,” Ms Ardern said last night.

If you’re in Auckland you must work from home unless you are an essential service worker.

All schools and childcare facilities in Auckland are closed except for the children of essential service workers,” she added.

Meantime, the rest of the country has had to go back to stage 2 restrictions.

“One of the most important lessons we’ve learned from overseas is the need to go hard and go early and stamp out flare-ups to avoid the risk of wider outbreak.

“As disruptive it is, a strong and rapid health response remains the best long term economic response,” Ms Ardern said.

At the moment, the lock down measures will be in place for 60 hours, to allow authorities to contact trace and conducting mass testing to try and find any other potential cases.

The announcement has already inspired panic buying across the country, which the Prime Minister has already tried to stamp out.

“Please do not rush to the supermarket tonight, you’ll recall when we were last in stage three on our last occasion, supermarkets will be open, there will be ample stock on the shelves.

“There is no reason to go out and make any purchases,” Ms Ardern said.