New Zealand is running out of chocolate milk and people are going insane

SECURITY GUARDS have been called in to watch over stocks of Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Chocolate Milk.

Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Chocolate Milk went on sale three weeks ago, and since then New Zealand seems to have erupted into some sort of chocolate-milk induced haze.

People are literally lining up for hours to get a bottle.


Photo: chloehanna10047 - Instagram

Photo: chloehanna10047 – Instagram

A supermarket owner in Auckland told that they had had to limit the number of bottles to two per customer, after someone came in and took every bottle on display.

“The interest in it has surprised me immensely. We’ve had some pretty good product launches in the past but this pretty much takes the cake.”

A black market for the chocolate milk has also emerged on Trademe with people bidding anywhere from $1-$25 for a single bottle, and they all seem to be selling.

The majority of people outside New Zealand are deeply confused, whilst those inside the country completely understand the phenomenon.

The demand for the milk is so high, Lewis Road Creamery are holding competitions where they are giving out FOUR BOTTLES OF CHOCOLATE MILK.

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