New Zealand records first community case of COVID-19 in months

Investigations are underway in New Zealand after a person tested positive to coronavirus after completing two weeks in hotel quarantine.

The 56-year-old woman had returned from Europe, where she’d travelled to Spain and the Netherlands before coming to New Zealand.

She completed two weeks in isolations at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland, where she returned two negative tests before being released.


But shortly after that, she developed symptoms and tested positive to coronavirus.

New Zealand authorities say they’re now looking into whether she acquired the virus from the hotel.

“We are working under the assumptions that this is a positive case and that it is a more transmissible variant, either the one identified first in South Africa or the UK, or potentially Brazil — or another transmissible variant,” Director-general of Health Ashley Bloomfield said yesterday.

Authorities are now ramping up contact tracing, but say the woman has been diligent in using QR codes and making a record of everywhere she went.

There is currently no further evidence that the virus may be out in the community.

It’s the first time in more than two months that New Zealand has recorded a case outside of hotel quarantine.

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