New Zealand volcano death toll rises as Australian victim identified

Officials in New Zealand have formally identified the body of a Melbourne woman, killed in the White Island volcano tragedy.

Krystal Eve Browitt, 21, was one of six victims recovered from the island on Friday.

She had been on the island with her father and sister who were both seriously injured in the eruption.


Nine Australians have been confirmed dead with another two presumed to have died.

The total presumptive death toll is now 16 after the death of a person in a New Zealand hospital overnight.

Thirteen Australians remain in hospital in Australia after being transferred from New Zealand over the last few days.

Ten of those are reported to be in critical conditions.

It comes as a recovery team returns to the island this morning as they try and locate the remaining two bodies following Monday’s eruption.

Police and navy divers searched waters off the island on Saturday but were unable to find any more victims.

New Zealand Deputy Police Commissioner John Tims says the teams will be deployed to an area where their information suggests the bodies might be.

“We remain committed to finishing the task at hand and returning the two remaining bodies to their loved ones,” Deputy Commissioner Tims said.