New zero tolerance for learner drivers to stop growing road toll

QUEENSLAND learner drivers will face tougher tests as the Government looks to put the brakes on the growing road toll.

Those starting out behind the wheel will now be tested on how to merge into lanes at higher speeds and safely turn across incoming traffic.

A harsher stance will also be taken on their ability to maintain safe following distances and response time in potentially dangerous situations.


There will also be zero tolerance for speeding when the changes come into effect on June 29 2015.

“Speeding is responsible for one in five road deaths in Queensland,” Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey said.

“It’s totally unacceptable and more must be done to turn these statistics around,” Mr Bailey added.

“It’s all about safety. Too many young drivers are being killed on our roads and we’re taking action to help ensure the next generation of motorists have the skills needed to handle dangerous situations.”

The changes are expected to be welcomed by parents, who along with driving schools, will need to get up-to-date on the updated testing.

“Many parents have told me of sleepness nights spent worrying about whether their son or daughter would make it safely home and of the relief they felt hearing a key turn in the door.”

PICTURE: Jaydan Duck SOURCE: File