Newborn polar bear cub dies at Sea World

Sea World is mourning the loss of one of their newborn polar bear cubs.

The cub, who was just 10 days old, died on Saturday, Sea World director of marine sciences Trevor Long confirmed.

Mr Long said concerns were raised for the cub last Thursday after it was evident that the second, larger cub was more dominant, with the smaller cub not getting enough milk and not growing at a healthy rate.


Mr Long also said that the mother began focusing all of her attention towards the larger cub.

“Our ultimate aim was to give Liya every opportunity to raise both cubs, however the situation worsened on Saturday morning, when it was observed Liya was no longer being attentive towards the smaller cub”.

The Sea World Veterinary team desperately tried to save the cub by retrieving it from the den and placing it in a humidity crib where it was given fluids and a specialised formula, however it was unsuccessful.

Mr Long said the larger cub remained in the care of its mother, Liya and that she was displaying positive and confident maternal behaviours towards the cub.

“The team are continuing to carefully observe Liya and the cub 24 hours a day through state-of-the-art monitoring systems and we remain cautiously optimistic for their welfare of the cub during the extremely critical period”.