Next time Jarrod, just get an Uber mate

Don’t compound a mistake with another error.

It is drummed into professional sportsmen and women from a very early age, yet it happens multiple times a game each and every week.

For footy players in this age of intense media scrutiny and societal pressures to be almost meta-human, when mistakes are compounded by errors off-field, then the proverbial really tends to hit the fan.


As a passionate Suns fan for over half a decade, I have never felt worse than when news broke of Jarrod Harbrow being charged for drink driving last month.

That is mainly because, as much as a fan can without it being at all weird or stalky, I bloody love Jarrod Harbrow.

Not just his hardness and skill as a player but his amazing work off-field as well.

Off field he becomes an even greater human being and his community work and Leadership Academy involvement is truly commendable.

As a Suns fan he is my rock, the guy that never falters, that always does his job and always makes the right decision at the right time.

Then he goes and gets done DUI.

Now I am not condoning what he did, nor trivialising it, because what he did could have gone really south really quick.

That is the risk every driver assumes when they turn that key over the limit.

But personally it was not the ‘someone could have been killed’ factor so much as a feeling of ‘that is about as stupid as it gets’.

He so rarely makes a mistake that the one time he did, my reaction (like many) was disproportionately harsh.

I mean the guy is a leader and teacher of young men, to say nothing of his toughness and skill – he is a guy who can pinpoint a pass on the run and under pressure to a man running full sprint and hit him on the chest.

Having a Sunday sesh where you blow .108 the next morning is the first mistake, driving over the limit was the compound, the real coach killer.

I’d be the last person to stand against a Sunday sesh, but don’t compound the skill error with a decision-making mistake.

Text a mate, get your elderly neighbour to drive you, call an uber or taxi (if a young kid from Dominos answers the phone, you’ve got the number mixed up).

‘Harbrow arrives in cab’ might seem like a bad story, but all it says is you’ve had a few, not that you’ve had a few and then decided to break the law.

It was a blow to the biscuits of so many Gold Coasters to see you have to front the media, genuinely shattered at the drama you had caused, especially after a club-lifting win the Saturday prior.

No doubt you were hurting more.

The good news is that your mistake was simply that, a mistake.

Everyone makes them.

Keep your head up and keep doing us proud on and off the field, because we are a club and a town that defines people by the best of themselves, not their most public mistakes.