NFL scouts are eyeing off Aussie talent after Jarryd Hayne’s 49ers debut

ALEX HEINKE reports.

Hours after the explosive debut by Jarryd Hayne’s, former Australian NFL star Colin Scotts started receiving calls from scouts wanting to know who else they could poach from down under.

They wanted to know if there were others down under with the speed and power to make it in the NFL.


In a report from the Courier Mail, at least three NFL franchise scouts have been in contact with Scotts asking how and when American clubs could study the form and backgrounds of Australian rugby league stars.

Scotts says that with a salary cap for each club set at a staggering $143 million money would not be an issue.

He believed several NRL players could make it in the NFL, Gold Coast Titan Jamie Roberts and North Queensland Cowboy Jason Taumalolo are among them.

Wallabies, Will Skelton and Israel Falou could also make the switch, Scott says.