Nick Kyrgios firing off his mouth again

Nick Kyrgios is in strife yet again, accused of unsportsmanlike behaviour at the French Open.

The controversial Australian tennis player was slapped with a code violation after yelling at a ball boy in front of fans.

Kyrgios was ‘warned’ after raising his voice at the ball boy. That prompted him to fire a series of questions at Umpire Carlos Ramos.


“A code violation for saying towel loud?” Kyrgios said. “Now I’ve seen it all.

“So I go ‘towel’ louder than usual and you gonna give me an unsportsmanlike? Really?

“What rules am I breaking? That’s bullshit. Are you kidding?

“How can you sit there and give me a code for that?”

Kyrgios told Ramos the penalty was “bullshit, f…ing bullshit.”

Somehow during all of this he still managed to record a 7-6 (8-6) 7-6 (8-6) 6-4 win over Italian Marco Cecchinato.