Nick Xenophon pushes for ban on “phoney lottery bookies”

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon’s called for a ban on what he’s branded “phoney lottery bookies”, like Lottoland.

He said people have to realise they’re not buying official tickets in international jackpots, but simply placing bets with a bookie.

“Lottoland is not a real lottery… pretend lotteries like Lottoland deprive small family run businesses of vital income, news agencies and the families they support are an important part of our communities,” he said.


“They are also duping Australians into thinking they are buying official tickets in big jackpot lotteries around the world when in fact people are just placing bets.”

Senator Xenophon has promised to introduce legislation if the Federal Government fails to do so.

He said Lottoland is currently unregulated and has no connection with legitimate lotteries in Australia, which pay over $1 billion in taxes each year which helps fund important community services, charities, hospitals and other facilities.

He also criticised the  “rouge Northern Territory Government” which he said has allowed Lottoland to flourish in Australia.

“Successive NT Governments have been a disgrace when it comes to slack regulation and their open-slather approach to online gambling.

“A Federal approach is the only way to go.”