Nicole Kidman opens up about marriage to Tom Cruise

It’s been 14 years since Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise announced they were divorcing, but all these years later we are none the wiser about why the pair split.

There are reports Tom displayed controlling behaviour and Nicole was not a fan of scientology, but for years both have remained tight-lipped about why the marriage didn’t work out.

Until now.


In an interview with the Evening Standard, Nicole Kidman opened up about the split, saying: “I was a baby when I married Tom. But I don’t regret any of it. But out of respect for Keith I tend not to discuss any of that now.”

The 48-year-old also shared the main lesson she learned from the marriage: “Be the best you can be, not the worst, and think of the children.”

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were married from 1990 until 2001 and have an adopted son, Connor, and daughter, Isabella, together.