Nightclubs on notice ahead of another busy weekend

Queensland police have issued another stern warning to party-goers ahead of the weekend, to do the right thing if you’re out and about.

Officers will be keeping a close eye on nightclubs once again, making sure both businesses and patrons are taking social distancing rules seriously.

Under the current restrictions, nightclubs can operate with COVID safe plans in place, but certain things are still off limit.


“Nightclubs are allowed to operate, however dance floors must remain closed to prevent unnecessary contact between patrons.

“You may choose to use your usual dance floor space for dining or drinking,” the state government website reads on the matter.

State Disaster Coordinator Steve Gollschewski says venues are getting better with the rules around large gatherings and social distancing, but the problem now lies with patrons.

“What we saw last weekend is that whilst many of the venues are trying to do the right thing, patrons still aren’t getting it.

“So were still seeing large numbers of people gathering, we’re still seeing people not taking it seriously.

“And we all know if we have a few drinks, sometimes the decision making as the night goes on isn’t as good as it should be.

“So if you’re going out for a night out, please plan ahead and be aware of your responsibilities,” he said.

Nightclubs, particularly across the Gold Coast and Brisbane, have once again been put on notice. The Disaster Coordinator says police won’t hesitate to take action.

“We’re coming into another weekend, we are looking into the night clubs. Can I say after last weekend, we saw improved compliance from the businesses.

“So to all those business out there that are trying to do the right thing and operate effectively within the rules and the industry plans – well done.

“For those of you that are still doing the wrong thing or not getting it right, we’ll be out and about, the warning’s there.

“And if people continue to flout the rules, action will be taken, and action has been taken already,” he said.