Nightclub’s response to alleged drink spiking: “Are you worth it?”

A woman has allegedly had her drink spiked at a Perth nightclub – and the club’s response is frankly astounding.

The woman claims that she had her beverage spiked and was unconscious for more than two hours after buying just one drink at the nightclub, Rapture.

She suggested that they employ more security guards and/or ensure there are bouncers near the bar to monitor drinks more carefully.


Now, to be honest, these suggestions are a little ridiculous: you’re in a nightclub. The presence of bouncers near the bar is not going to discourage dodgy people from spiking your drink – in fact if anything, they could give women a false sense of security.

The only way you can protect yourself in a nightclub setting is to literally hold your drink in your hands and keep an eye on it.

From a venue’s perspective, drink spiking is one of those extremely tricky things to grapple with: it’s difficult to monitor, and difficult to prove after the fact without visiting the hospital and having your stomach’s contents tested.

But this nightclub’s response takes the cake when it comes to terrible customer service and completely missing the point.

After first ignoring the woman’s message, they eventually replied:

“What proof do you have of your drink being spiked?
Why would anyone want to spike your drink?
Would you like a crowd controller to hold you drink for you next time you attend a nightclub?”

And the line that really makes my blood boil:

“Are you worth someone trying to spike your drink?”

What does this even mean? Is there some sort of value system that is ascribed to women in nightclubs, to determine whether they are worthy of “wasting” a drug on them – a drug that is intended to incapacitate said woman so you can sexually assault her?

It’s an absolutely tone-deaf reply in the age of MeToo, when a simple and straightforward, “We’re very sorry to hear about your experience and will look into some solutions” would have done the trick.

They finished their response with: “We think this is a beat up and we believe that no one would be stupid enough to waste their drugs on spiking anyone’s drink.”

I can’t believe this nightclub was stupid enough to give such an unprofessional response – in writing, too. If they thought the initial message was a beat-up, just wait until the media cycle is done with this…