Nightquarter comeback to be better than ever

THE OWNERS of popular live entertainment venue, Nightquarter, are considering two possible new sites for the Gold Coast attraction.

It was forced to relocate earlier this year, when told the cost of the lease on the Helensvale site would be increased by 100 per cent.

The community rallied around the venue, which first opened in 2015, giving the original setting a fitting farewell in early February.


Now, it’s been revealed the Queensland Government is looking at a deal to see Nightquarter established at Metricon Stadium in Carrara, in a space between the stadium and Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre.

The progress has been welcomed by co-owners Michelle Christoe and Ian Van De Woude, who have revealed The Smith Collective site near the Gold Coast University Hospital has also been raised as a possible new location.

“(Local LNP member) Sam O’Connor has been helping us with (The Smith Collective),” Ms Christoe told myGC.

“And there are a few parties involved in that, being a Commonwealth Games site, so we’re working through with them the feasibility of that site,” she added.

But, at this stage they’re leaning towards the Carrara location, which could be operational by mid-year.

“The Metricon Stadium option is something we can activate very easily, and it’s utilising a space that is under-utilise, which is what our business is all about.”

Ms Christoe confirmed they would be looking at holding a market once a week and integrating with Gold Coast Suns games.

“We would look at having an extended option during a Suns game,” she said.

“There’s a lot of elements that we’ve learnt from what works and what doesn’t, in terms of night markets it’s a very different type of business.

“But all of the elements of Nightquarter we will be bringing to whatever offer we choose.”

She also thanked the Gold Coast community for supporting the local business.

“We’re just really grateful for all of the support everyone is still giving us and the belief everyone has in our business has just been so inspiring.

“And, we’re looking forward to coming back.”