Angie Bell chosen as LNP Candidate for Moncrieff

UPDATE at 3:30 PM | ANGIE Bell will carry the baton for the LNP at the Federal Election on the Gold Coast, after being chosen as the Party’s candidate for the safe Liberal seat of Moncrieff following Seven Ciobo’s decision to retire.

LNP President David Hutchinson said the marketing professional and former President of LNP Women would be a fantastic voice for Gold Coasters.

“She’s dynamic, professional and will follow in Steve Ciobo’s footsteps of standing up for the Coast,” he said.


Ms Bell, 51, says she is looking forward to sharing her passion for the Coast with local residents.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the Morrison Government’s infrastructure plan completed,” Ms Bell said.

“We’re committed to the fixing the M1 and building the next stage of light rail to help locals get home sooner and safer.

“This week’s Budget was very good for the Coast and we saw in response Bill Shorten’s great big new tax on everything.

“I’ll be doing everything I can to stop Bill Shorten becoming Prime Minister. The first task is to win the support of voters in Moncrieff.”

Mr Ciobo served as the local MP representing the tourism heart of the Gold Coast from 2001.

FIRST at 9:50 AM | NINE CANDIDATES are being whittled down to one in the battle for preselection of the safe Liberal seat of Moncrieff.

Hundreds of LNP members have gathered at Emmanuel College on the Gold Coast to cast their vote on who they think should take over from Steven Ciobo.

The long-standing MP, who has held the seat since 2001, announced his retirement from politics in March.

Nine candidates put up their hand to carry the baton at the Federal election, which will be held in May.

Career political staffer, Karly Abbott, is considered a front-runner for the position, but is expected to get some fierce competition from campaigner Bibe Roadley, businesswoman Fran Ward and Gold Coast City councillor Cameron Caldwell.

An announcement on the successful candidate who’ll represent Moncrieff, which encompasses central Gold Coast suburbs, is expected late on Saturday afternoon.

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Congratulations Angie Bell. My name is Ian Brown, an almost 87 year old Pensioner. I have lived in your constituancy since 1968 and have seen many changes, many of which I deplore. I am middle of the road politically, and detest any form of extremism. I have for many years been concerned about the 14 -18 age group in Surfers Paradise. This is the specific tourist spot on the Gold Coast, magnificent accomodation, adult entertaiment etc, but we appear to have built our own kids out of town. Following a campaign I launched back in thev1970s, We got the Police Youth Clubs… These are most welcome of course, but they are not situated in Surfers Paradise or easily available to the local or tourist youngsters. Every one is pretty much aware of the increasing problems of both juvenile crime and the drug menace.

These problems wont just go away without firm action.

I would suggest that thought be given to the construction of a Youth Drop In Centre and believe thay Appel Park would be an ideal site. Indoor sports, discos, canteen. river activities etc available.

As mentioned earlier I am almost 87 years old, a parent, grandparent, and a greatgrandparent. and have great concerns for the youth of today and those of the future.

Again Congratulations on your election,

Best Wishes …..

Ian Brown