Several people assessed, multiple homes damaged in Coolangatta unit blaze

Multiple people have been assessed by paramedics, after a massive fire broke out in a unit block in Coolangatta.

Crews were called to an address at Coyne and Winston Street around 2.00am, to find the building well involved.

It took fire crews an hour to get in under control.


It also spread to the neighbouring property, leaving both buildings with substantial damage.

IMAGE | Supplied

Residents from both buildings were forced to evacuated.

Seven people had to be assessed for minor smoke inhalation, luckily none required further treatment in hospital.

Fire crews are still on scene dampening down, while investigators will attend this morning to figure out the cause of the blaze.

Police are also investigating.

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yo, I was in the wyndham building when the fire first broke out across the road. Kinda suspicious about how it started because I remember what potentially seemed to be a fight breakout as a car window was smashed by a rock that was thrown by a group of people outside the building that was just beginning to burn and then the blaze took full affect and the people who were there beside the burning building who seemed to be arguing and fighting left. kinda sus

I was there too but I thought they were try to break the window so they could move the car