No more Carbon Tax

THE Carbon Tax has officially been scrapped by the Senate.

The Government pushed the repeal legislation through the Senate for a third time this morning and it passed with a vote of 39 to 32.

Those for the repealing of the tax clapped and cheered as the President announced the vote around 11:15am on Thursday.


Labor and the Greens voted against the repeal but the Government had the support of crossbenchers needed to secure the votes.

It’s been a tough ride for the Government to get this legislation passed through, with the Palmer United Party unhappy with certain aspects.

Tony Abbott and Gold Coast Billionaire Clive Palmer worked closely together to nut out amendments in order for both sides to be pleased with the legislation.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that any savings will be passed on to Gold Coast ratepayers, with the Council confirming it will be too difficult to change the budgets now to include the changes.

The Carbon Tax is said to add an extra $14.60 to the average rates bill.