No need for more dog off-leash areas on Gold Coast beaches: Mayor

THE THREE Gold Coast city beaches with allocated off-leash dog areas are ‘sufficient’, Mayor Tom Tate has declared.

A recent City survey into animal management issues on the Gold Coast did not highlight a call for more off-leash dog areas, according to Council.

“We have three off-leash dog areas on our beaches now, and it appears there isn’t a strong call for more,” Cr Tate said.


“A recent survey into animal management, including dog off-leash areas, fielded only around 50 responses,” he explained.

“Those findings will be presented to council in due course but the feedback from around half of those surveyed was that they actually want less off-leash dog areas on our beaches.

“Further, a separate survey we conducted recently (Mayor Annual Budget Survey) did not highlight this as a topic high on people’s minds.

“We have three and at the moment that is suffice, and until the people of the Gold Coast want more, we’ll stick with the three we have.

“And the rest of the beaches are for humans,” Cr Tate concluded.

Click here for details on where to find off-leash areas.