No new cases and just ONE DAY left to get fully protected for border reopening

There have once again been no new coronavirus cases diagnosed in Queensland overnight, as authorities continue to drive home the message: get vaccinated now.

There is just one day left for those who are unvaccinated to get their first dose and ensure they’re fully protected by December 17, when the borders will reopen.

Police Minister Mark Ryan provided the state’s Covid update today, urging everyone to come forward this weekend for their jab.


“There are still people out there who are not yet vaccinated. Now is the time to get vaccinated, this is the weekend. Vaccination weekend,” Minister Ryan said.

“You’ve got to get out there, got to get vaccinated.

“There are many, many places to be vaccinated, go to your local beach, surf life-saving clubs are offering vaccination clinics.

“Go to your local pharmacy, to your GP, to the theme parks, and also our Queensland Health mass vaccination clinics.

“It’s really important for people to step up now – you are running out of time.

“This is the last weekend for you to get your first dose so that you are fully vaccinated by the time the borders open.

“Step-up now, get vaccinated, it’s time to be a lifesaver and get a jab,” Minister Ryan said.

Deputy Police Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said that authorities are still working through how to monitor the borders and home quarantine requirements once we hit the 70, 80 and 90 per cent vaccination rates.

“We’re working very hard to work out how we can properly operationalise at 70,80 and 90 per cent, and that we’re very confident that we’re going to get on the time frames that we’ve seen.

“We’re also doing the work at the moment in evaluation our home quarantine system that we’ve had in recently, the trial, and expanding that in the future.

“Whilst no decisions have been made around that it’s very important that the Queensland community does what it’s done throughout this pandemic.

“All the way through the pandemic we’ve seen only seven deaths in this state. we’ve seen only just over 2,00 infections, because our community has listened to us, taken the advice, and done what we’ve asked of them.

“Now we’re asking you to get vaccinated, that is the thing that we need to happen across all of this state,” Deputy Police Commissioner Gollschewski said.

As of this morning, around 77 per cent of eligible Queenslanders have received their first dose, while 63.05 per cent are now fully vaccinated.