No new cases as CHO “continues to monitor” NSW before border decision

Queensland has recorded another day of no new cases of coronavirus, as the state’s top doctor confirmed a decision on reopening the border to NSW won’t be made until the end of the month.

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young is remaining firm on her stance that NSW needs to record 28 days without any unlinked community transmission of COVID-19 before the border between the two states can reopen.

It comes as contact tracers in NSW desperately work to track down the source of just one mystery case in Sydney.


Health officials in the state were given 48 hours to link eight cases of community transmission recorded on Thursday to a known source in order for the 28 day clock to continue.

If not, the clock starts restarts, pushing the potential border reopening on November 1 out even further.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Dr Young said contact tracers are doing a good job, but we “need to wait a bit longer” to determine whether there’s any need to change the plans.

“They’ve found links for 7 of the 8 cases that they notified yesterday,” Dr Young said.

“I understand they have a further 10 cases today, although five of them are in hotel quarantine so they aren’t any risk at all.”

She said the remaining five cases were in the community, however all five of those have been linked back to a known source.

“NSW has extremely good contact tracing capability and they’re using that at the moment,” Dr Young said.

“We just need to wait a bit longer before we decide whether or not there’s been any need to change that planned reopening to NSW on November 1.

“We use that 28 days of no unlinked community cases to assist us in determining whether it’s safe at that point in time, at the end of the month, to open to another state and that has stood us very, very well in Queensland,” she said.

There are now just four cases of COVID-19 still active in Queensland, with the state today also marking 28 days without any community transmission.