No new cases in Queensland, as Premier keeps close eye on NSW

There have been no new coronavirus cases in Queensland overnight, with the Premier saying her eyes will be on New South Wales’ figures today.

The state total of cases remains at 1,073 with three active cases, the latest in a return ADF officer who was found to be infected yesterday.

But authorities say they’re not worried about it, with the person already in mandatory hotel quarantine.


Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says our low numbers are a credit to the behaviour of Queenslanders, but we still cannot afford to get complacent.

“At the moment we don’t have any community transmission here in Queensland.

“And I just want to implore everyone, please keep up that social distancing, it is really important. Make sure you have good hand hygiene. If you are sick stay at home and get tested.

“Queenslanders have been doing that, and I thank them. I thank every Queenslander who’s come forward to get tested when they’ve been sick, because that is the right thing to do,” the Premier said.

Despite the consistently good figures in the Sunshine State, the Premier says she now waits for the New South Wales updates every day, warning that further action on the borders will be taken immediately if their situation gets worse.

“I’m absolutely determined to keep Queenslanders safe, so I have regular meetings with the Deputy Premier who’s our Health Minister, and also Doctor Young and i’ll be getting further updates today.

“Every single day, after New South Wales reports on their cases, if we have to declare further hot spots, we will declare further hot spots.

“And if there is an outbreak of community transmission in New South Wales, like we have seen in Victoria, we will not hesitate to take quick and swift action,” the Premier said.

At the time of writing, New South Wales is yet to report on their daily figures. Yesterday, 16 cases were recorded, but all had come from known contacts.