No new coronavirus cases ahead of borders reopening

There have been no new cases of coronavirus diagnosed overnight, as the state prepares to open up its borders to interstate visitors.

It leaves our state total at 1,068 cases, with just two still considered active across the state.

One of those is here on the Gold Coast, an 81-year-old man who’s been battling the virus for sometime.


He was finally transferred out of the ICU on June 18, but remains at the Gold Coast University Hospital.

Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young confirmed the figures with myGC this morning.

“There’s been no new cases in Queensland overnight, which is really really good news.

“And it shows how Queenslanders have really stood and responded to this so brilliantly.

Doctor Young also praised the work of Gold Coasters, who’ve been constantly dealing with the virus since day one.

“You must be so proud of your hospital and your health service down there.

“They’ve done so well, right from day one when they got the first in Queensland and managed it beautifully.

“Right through to now, when they’ve got the last case that’s still active, and again, managing it beautifully.

“People on the Gold Coast, I myself think are very, very lucky with the health service they’ve got there,” Doctor Young said.

It comes as Queensland prepares to welcome back interstate visitors from midday today.

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Its tragic, one corona patient and the whole of Queensland is not yet opened up for business and restrictions STILL remain.The restrictions were to ease the “rush” on the intensive care departments,THERE HAS BEEN NO RUSH .