No new coronavirus cases as Qlders urged to remain vigilant

Queenslanders are being warned not to drop the ball when it comes to social distancing, with the state recording another day of no new coronavirus cases.

It’s the fourth day this week that the state has recorded zero cases, with authorities fearing the low numbers may encourage people to become complacent.

Police Minister Mark Ryan said it’s extremely important residents continue to keep up the good work that has seen us get to this stage.


“Another great result by Queenslanders today, and we’re only in the strong position we are because Queenslanders are working closely with the government, with the health advice, to make sure that we are all safe and that our economy can rebound,” Minister Ryan said.

“All around the world we are seeing the virus rebound, so we need to continue to take strong action and listen to the health advice to ensure it’s our economy that rebounds and not the virus”.

The state’s top cop said police won’t be afraid to take action if people flout the rules.

Gathering limits across the city have been lifted to 30 people, however social distancing rules do still apply.

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said officers would be understanding, but won’t tolerate deliberate bad behaviour.

“It is a warm day, I know that people want to go out and enjoy the day but please do the right thing,” she said.

“We will help you get to know the legislation, whatever the directive is we will explain it to you, but please don’t blatantly disregard it because we will take action.”

It comes as the state prepares to open up the borders to the ACT from 1am on Friday, but Canberra residents will need to prove they haven’t been to a COVID hotspot like NSW or Victoria in the two weeks before flying to the sunshine state.

Over the next few weeks, Queensland will also welcome more international arrivals into the state.

Minister Ryan confirmed people will be made to pay their hotel quarantine bill, following recent reports a number of travellers are still yet to cough up the cash for their stay.

“The expectation is that people pay their bills, they’ve got 30 days to do that, and if they dont pay the bill they can expect follow up action,” he said.

“The message is come back to Queensland, play by the rules, do the quarantine, pay your bill… If you don’t, you can expect follow up action from authorities.”

The number of active cases in Queensland has also dropped, with just 22 cases now considered active.