No new COVID-19 cases across Queensland

Queensland has recorded another day of no new coronavirus cases.

The State’s total remains at 1059, however just five of those are still active.

One of those active cases is on the Gold Coast after a 41-year-old woman tested positive on Monday after returning from Africa.


Just two people remain in hospital across the State.

More than 3,800 people were tested on Tuesday with total testing rates now above 204,000.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says today’s result is more good news for Queensland.

“Thank you everyone right across our state for the brilliant job you’ve been doing and please keep that up,” The Premier said.

“We are in the zero territory at the moment, we want it to stay that way and our health response has been world class.

“As I said yesterday, a lot of people hold out New Zealand as being the best in the world, well Queensland has roughly the same population and our results have been better than New Zealand.

“Everyone in Queensland should be incredibly proud of the work that they have done but we’ve got to keep up that great work.”

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Yes, you all did a great job to keep us safe in Qld. Thank you everyone.
Also Health departments, Thank you.