No new COVID-19 cases in QLD for second day in a row

Queensland has recorded another day with no new cases of coronavirus.

However six additional cases have been added to the State’s total after a number of Queenslanders were diagnosed in other States.

Four Queenslanders who had been on the Coral Princess cruise ship tested positive in Victoria.


Two other Queenslanders tested positive in Western Australia with officials still tracing the source.

All six patients have since recovered and returned to Queensland.

It brings the State’s total number of cases to 1051 with 18 of those still active.

There are still seven people being treated in hospitals across the State with three in intensive care.

Testing rates remain relatively low with 1856 people swabbed on Monday.

A total of 138,892 tests have now been carried out since the beginning of the outbreak.

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young says it’s another pleasing result.

“We’ve got another day in Queensland without any new cases, which is excellent, it is really, really important, though, that everyone, if you’re unwell, please isolate yourself, stay at home, and get tested” Dr Young said.

“If we do that, consistently, right through, we’ll be able to manage the impact of COVID-19 on our lives and our systems and our society, and we’ll be able to gradually open up more and more and return more and more towards normal, which will be an excellent thing for everyone.”

Meantime Dr Young has confirmed she has provided an exemption to NRL players in Queensland who refuse to get a flu shoot on medical grounds.

But the exemption won’t cover players who won’t get vaccinated on philosophical grounds.

“(It’s) no different to the exemptions that I provide for children who are attending childcare or for people going into aged care,” Dr Young said.

“Although the NRL didn’t put that in their initial submission to me, I thought that was reasonable, that the NRL players and support staff and coaches and officials have that same exemption that I provide for visitors going to aged care facilities, or, indeed, for children, because if children aren’t vaccinated, you would be aware there are certain things they can’t do as well.”

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I have read that under our constatution it is illegal to force anyone to have a vaxination. It also being a criminal offence.

If it is, who is going to own up to the offence. The medical advisor or the premier