No new COVID-19 cases in Qld, hotel quarantine capacity to increase

QUEENSLAND has recorded no new local cases of COVID-19 despite a couple of scares in the southeast in the last 24 hours.

It has been confirmed the Gold Coast family who illegally travelled to Victoria, sending a local school into lockdown, have all tested negative to the virus.

“That is excellent news,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk told reporters on Friday.


The family will remain in quarantine for 14 days and investigations into their movements are ongoing.

At this stage, there have been no new cases associated with the Logan truck driver who tested positive in Pimpama. All of his immediate contacts have tested negative.

There were concerns for the Gold Coast as he spent five days in the community while potentially infectious.

Three new exposure sites have emerged in Beenleigh, including Total Tools, Beenleigh Marketplace Shopping Centre and Stylish Nails across Sunday and Monday.

“Dr. Young is confident the risk of the two truck drivers is low,” the Premier said.

The Premier also announced capacity in the state’s hotel quarantine system would be able to increase from Monday.

Another 680 rooms will become available for people to come from interstate, provided they have an exemption. That is on top of the 50 who will be welcomed back from tomorrow.

“That’s because we’ve had the opportunity for that week to ease the pressure,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“That’s great news that families will be able to come to Queensland.”

The Premier also apologised for allowing the wives, girlfriends and families of NRL players into the state despite the pause on hotel quarantine that had left many Queensland residents trapped interstate.

“I apologise, this was not the right thing to do when we had the pause, and should not have happened, unfortunately, it did happen, and I extend my apologies to the public about,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“They were outside the cap, but I can understand that Queenslanders could see, that in light of when we were actually trying to reduce the number of people coming in, it was not the right look. I accept that.”

Meanwhile, the Premier continues to stand by her concerns about the risk of reopening the state while children under 12 aren’t able to be vaccinated.

“We are seeing other evidence that is happening in the US, where it is the pandemic of the unvaccinated,” she said.

“A lot more children are presenting with COVID, and a lot more children are ending up in ICU. I do not want to have that happen here.

“What I’m saying is, let’s have a conversation about it, and the Prime Minister himself National Cabinet, they agreed to go do some more work.

“This is about protecting Queenslanders, and having a conversation about what will we need to do.

“It is about having it educated and responsible conversation.”

The matter will be up for discussion at National Cabinet this afternoon.