No new COVID cases amid concerns about undetected cases

Queensland has recorded another day with no new cases of COVID-19.

Just four active cases remain across the state, including one in quarantine on the Gold Coast.

More than 4,700 tests were carried out on Friday, close to the State’s benchmark.


Despite Queensland’s continued run of low cases, officials are urging people to remain vigilant after sewerage testing in the south-east showed signs of COVID-19.

Fragments of the virus have been detected in sewerage in the Brisbane suburbs of Wynnum and Sandgate as well as Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast.

Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young says that shows there is something happening in those locations.

“It could, of course, be someone who’s recently had the infection and then has gone to those places, so they’re not infectious but they’ve recovered, but they’re still shedding virus,” Dr Young said.

“But it could, of course, be a person that we’ve not picked up, that’s out there in the community.

“So, it is really, really important that, across the state, anyone who’s unwell, please, come forward and get tested.”

Further tests on a Queensland woman who was diagnosed with COVID in Melbourne suggest she probably wasn’t infectious while in Queensland.

The Townsville woman travelled to Cairns and Brisbane and onto Melbourne where she tested positive three days after arriving.

“We managed to test some blood that was taken from that person just before they left Queensland, and that test was negative for COVID-19 on serology which just suggests, it doesn’t confirm anything, but it just suggests that she didn’t have the infection while she was in Queensland,” Dr Young said.

“Now, I’m very grateful to all of those people in Townsville, and in Cairns, who, through an abundance of caution, went in to quarantine because they’d been close contacts.

“They’re close to now being able to come out of that quarantine, which is good.”