No new COVID cases in QLD, border timeline to stay despite early 80 per cent milestone

QUEENSLAND has recorded no new cases of COVID-19 as the state celebrates reaching the 80 per cent double vaccinated milestone.

“Well Queensland, we did it!” Deputy Premier Steven Miles said on Thursday.

“Today is a historic day, the day that 80 per cent of us were double vaccinated against COVID-19.


“Achieving that 80 per cent target means we can open our borders finally on Monday at 1am and we can reward the 80 per cent of us who are double vaccinated.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was the first to announce the news, taking to Twitter to confirm it early on Thursday, stealing the limelight from the Queensland Government.

The Deputy Premier said he wasn’t particularly surprised by the move.

“I can understand why the Prime Minister would want to claim credit for this but the credit belongs to all of the Queenslanders who went and got vaccinated and, of course, the health workers who rolled out the vaccination program,” he said.

“That tweet giving us the data sooner than we would otherwise get it is kind of the first thing Scott Morrison has done to help.”

Despite Queensland reaching the 80 per cent figure, Minister Miles confirmed the border will not be reopening before Monday.

“I don’t think you could expect the police to have a system ready that could be implemented the minute the Prime Minister tweets a figure,”

“The police and the systems required a number of days to get ready.

“We made a decision to provide a fixed date so people could plan around that. I don’t think that’s too unreasonable.

“We wanted to see the school year finished, which is tomorrow, and then borders will open on Monday.”

“This is really the same approach we’ve had throughout., We’ve attempted to give as much certainty as we can while also making sure that our systems are ready and in place and they will be ready and in place on Monday.”

Queensland has seen no new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours, both locally and in home or hotel quarantine.

However, Minister Miles warned it may be the last ‘double doughnut’ day we see for a while.

“It might be one of our last,” he said.

“From next week, we should expect to start seeing COVID cases and we should have confidence that our high vaccination rate, as well as our ongoing public health measures, will keep people safe.”

But he remained concerned about areas that were slightly behind, including the Gold Coast.

“It’s still a little bit patchy across the state,” Minister Miles said.

“Especially on the Gold Coast where we would expect to see COVID cases first.”

He said it was important to continue chasing the 90 per cent milestone, which will lead to even more freedoms, including the return of international travel.

“We want to keep going .. we want to surpass that 90 per cent target,” he said.