No new local cases for Victoria for the first time in weeks

Great news for Victoria as Melbourne begins easing lockdown restrictions, with no new local coronavirus cases diagnosed overnight.

It comes after two weeks of lockdown from the Greater Melbourne area, and harsh restrictions for the whole of the state as well.

This is the first 24 hour period for about three weeks where there’s been a ‘zero’ day, which is affectionately referred to as a ‘doughnut day’ for the state.


Victorian authorities are set to provide more information about the situation in Greater Melbourne today after a whole family tested positive within the last testing period.

While Melbournians are slowly returning to school and work today after their lockdown eased from midnight.

Their 5km travel radius has grown to 25 km now, while the ‘five reasons to leave home’ rule has been taken off.

It’s hoped the city could follow regional Victoria in their further easing of restrictions in a week from now.