No new local cases in Qld as border jab rule kicks in

Queensland has recorded no new local COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, as authorities ramp up calls for Queenslanders to get vaccinated.

It comes after the state’s tough new vaccination rule kicked in at the border at 1.00am this morning.

Essential workers from NSW now have to prove they have had at least one dose of a COVID-19 jab in order to cross into Queensland.


Health Minister Yvette D’Ath defended the strict stance, saying the risk of the virus creeping into the Sunshine State from NSW remains extremely high.

“Our biggest risk to everyone in Queensland is that border, we can see increasing numbers of covid in NSW and it’s creeping further north into those border towns,” Ms Dath said.

“If you are deemed essential… If we are allowing you to travel back and forth across the QLD/NSW border, then you must be vaccinated… There is no excuse.”

Ms D’Ath criticised essential workers complaining about needing to get the jab in order to enter Queensland.

“You have to decide… is my job essential enough to go get a vaccine. And if it is, go get one, immediately, and then you will be able to cross,” she said.

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young described Queensland’s current coronavirus situation as “excellent”.

“So excellent news for Queensland no locally acquired cases, and I know everyone wants to keep it like that,” Dr Young said.

“So we need to be really careful as we go forward for the next week as we tighten up our border with NSW, where unfortunately we are seeing more and more cases every single day, and we are seeing those cases moving closer and closer to Queensland.”

Dr Young said the best protection against the virus is the vaccine, with the State’s top doctor issuing a desperate plea for Queenslanders to get vaccinated.

She warned it’s only a matter of time before the virus is back in Queensland.

“So if you’re 16 years of age or older, it is absolutely critical that you get vaccinated,” she said.

“We will not be able to hold back community spread of COVID in our state if we aren’t vaccinated.

“So please, there are still some people who are 60 years of age or older who still haven’t been vaccinated, you really and truly need to come forward and get vaccinated.”

It comes after more than 19,273 rolled up their sleeves to receive the jab in the past 24 hours.