No new local cases in Queensland as engineers investigate airflow at PA Hospital

There have once again been no new cases of community transmission in Queensland overnight.

It means the Sunshine State has essentially gone the whole Easter long weekend without any cases of concern.

However, there was a slight dip in testing numbers overnight, as a result of yesterday being Easter Sunday.


Around 7,500 tests were conducted yesterday, down from 14,000 the day before and over 25,000 the day before that.

Deputy Chief Health Officer Doctor Sonya Bennett says we need to get that number higher.

The testing – not unexpectedly – did decrease yesterday, so we only did around 7500 test samples in the last 24 hours so I just want to remind people if you have not already, please check the list of location exposure sites on the web and follow that advice.

“Even if you have not been in those location sites, if you have any symptoms at all, please go along to your nearest testing clinic and have a test,” Doctor Bennett said. 

Doctor Bennett went on to say that while these results are positive, it will still be some time before we can be certain that we’ve dodged an outbreak.

The restrictions Doctor Young has put in place were from 14 days from the last time someone was infectious in the community, on 30 March from memory, it would be reviewed then.

“If we have no more community cases, that will be reassuring. Being completely assured that there is no transmission in the community means that we ask the community for anyone who is six to get tested, otherwise clearly we will have transmission.

“I think we can be fairly confident in 14 days that we had no more locally acquired cases and that the outbreak is reasonably under control,” Doctor Bennett said. 

Meantime, engineers are understood to be investigating the air circulation at Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital, with concerns that it may have spread the virus outside of the Covid ward, leading to the two recent clusters.

Doctor Bennett says they’re looking into a variety of possibilities.

It’s not just air-conditioning alone. There are a range of factors,” Doctor Bennett said.

“It is about airflow, ventilation, air conditioning is one thing and they are all the things the experts will need to have a look at when reviewing the circumstances.

“We may not know. As we’ve said before we don’t necessarily have an answer and remember we are dealing with a virus that if it can find a way to transmit, it will, and there is not always a ready answer but that is what the review is for and to learn any lessons, if there are some, they can be applied elsewhere,” she said.

It comes as Queensland once again comes under fire for its knee-jerk lockdown, with many now saying it was a drastic and unnecessary measure in the lead up to Christmas.

The new federal Defence Minister Peter Dutton took another swipe at Queensland for causing panic with the measures.

Queensland’s Deputy Premier defended the lockdown in this morning’s press conference.

We have four new cases of COVID-19 in Queensland overnight, all from international arrivals in hotel quarantine. International travellers and hotel quarantine. ” Minister Miles opened with.

That means there is no further community transmission which is fantastic news and it underlines how it is better to have to lockdown for three days than for three months,” he said.