No new local COVID cases, one Omicron case detected in Qld

Queensland has recorded no new locally-acquired cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours but there were four other cases detected in quarantine across the state.

Chief Health Officer, Dr John Gerrard, said three of the cases were from northern New South Wales and are now in home quarantine.

“This is a pattern we’ve been seeing for the last two to three weeks, of increasing numbers of incursions from northern New South Wales,” Dr Gerrard said.


A fresh Omicron case was also detected in hotel quarantine.

“This was acquired in Kenya,” Dr Gerrard said.

“They are isolated in hospital in accordance with the current guidelines.”

The CHO said it was inevitable we would see more Omicron cases detected in Australia.

“This is a pattern we’re likely to continue to see,” he said.

“If the experience from the United Kingdom is anything to judge by, we are certainly anticipating that Omicron is likely to become the dominant strain worldwide in the coming weeks and months.

At this stage, there has been no incursions detected in the state due to the reopening of the border.

“We’ve not seen any impact from the opening of the border, it’s a little bit early to see something like that, but we’re expecting that,” Dr Gerrard said.

Speaking ahead of the vaccination mandates coming into effect for the unvaccinated on Friday, the Chief Health Officer said there was no chance of the mandates being lifted anytime soon.

“We’re not even looking at removing the mandate, it’s not even something that’s on the agenda,” he said.

“The immediate priority for the unvaccinated is to protect them from infection and that means keeping unvaccinated people away from crowded environments.”

Masks mandates for indoor venues could come back in across Queensland but the CHO insisted the state was not at that stage yet.

“We are looking at mask mandates on a daily basis, certainly if there is evidence of community transmission of the virus, mask mandates are likely to come back in,” he said.

“It’s probably a little warm in Queensland for outdoor mask mandates and they’re probably not so critical.”