No new local COVID cases recorded in Queensland

Good news for Queensland this morning with no new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 detected in the state.

One new overseas acquired case was detected in hotel quarantine, leaving 39 active cases across the state.

The Brisbane cluster, linked to the flight attendant who caught the virus in hotel quarantine, stands at seven cases but Queensland Health officials are confident it doesn’t pose a major risk to the community.


Chief Health Officer, Dr Jeanette Young, reminded Queenslanders who have been in the four local government areas currently in lockdown in Sydney since June 11, they must isolate and follow the restrictions outlined by the NSW Government.

The lockdown affects the city of Sydney, Waverley, Randwick and Woolharoo.

“Because you’ve not continued to remain in those risk areas, you only need to stay in that lockdown position in Queensland for 14 days after you left one of those LGA’s or for seven days, whichever is the shortest,” Dr Young said.

“So if you’re 14 comes up before the seven days, you can then leave.

“I just want anyone who’s been in one of those four LGA’s since the 11th of June to be at home at to stay there for 14 days after they left.

“So for some people it will only be one or two days because they left on the 11th of June, for other people who left there more recently, it will be at least a week.

“It’s a very complicated process I realise, so please look at the website for more information.”

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath also urged businesses across Queensland to move quickly to adopt the check-in app, with a large number of businesses expected to have it in place by July 9.

“Although it came into effect at 1am yesterday morning, we remind businesses that for the next fortnight it’s all about education and awareness, not about enforcement

“We will have compliance officers out just checking whether businesses have got the signage up and whether they’ve registered for the check-in app.

“If they haven’t they’ll be asking them why and making sure they’ve got the information they need to assist them in doing that.

“It will get to a point if businesses are intentionally not displaying and registering with the app then we may need to have enforcement but at this stage, it’s an education and awareness campaign.”

60,761 venues have registered for the app in Queensland in the last week.

69.5 million check-in customers have been registered since the app was first launched and 3.6 million devices have downloaded the app.

“That’s fantastic numbers and we encourage people to keep downloading the app and for businesses to make sure they’ve got the QR code up and highly visible for people to find as soon as they walk into venues.”