No new Qld cases, as officials prepare to relax restrictions

Queensland has once again recorded no new cases of coronavirus, with authorities quietly confident we’ve escaped a serious outbreak of community transmission.

As the state prepares to shut down to New South Wales and the ACT, authorities are scrambling to test as many people as possible, to ensure new cases haven’t been able to slip in.

There are still concerns that two Logan women may have been able to spread the disease after returning home from Melbourne two weeks ago.


Health Minister Steven Miles says the community has responded well to the threat, and the results are great so far.

“Since we confirmed those cases of young women who returned from Melbourne, we have done 119,400 and 95 tests in just over a week, a nine day period.

“Bringing the total number of Queenslanders now tested to nearly 580,000 cases.

“Even though it is more than a week this weekend, the stakes remain high, but we would hope in coming days to have some level of satisfaction, some level of comfort that there hasn’t been additional community transmission caused by those cases,” Minister Miles said.

There were fears we might have been in trouble earlier in the week, with a new case popping up in Ipswich.

A 68-year-old woman had tested positive, but no one was able to figure out where the infection could have come from.

But, the Premier last night confirmed that that was actually a false positive test, and it has now been taken out of our tally.

Still, we’re being told we’re not out of the woods yet, after two Logan women returned from Melbourne over a week ago.

There are five cases related to that cluster, but the incubation period for community transmission isn’t over until Monday.

Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young says she will reconsider some of the restrictions put in place, if there are no new cases by then.

“No new cases overnight in Queensland, which is a fantastic result.

“And we can start to think that we might be able to relax at the start of next week if we have another two days of no new community-acquired cases.

“So we so far have five cases related to those three women who traveled down to Melbourne and if we have no further cases in the next few days then we will be able to review all of those owners restrictions we put in place,” Doctor Young said. 

It could mean that aged care facilities are able to relax rules around visits, which were quickly put in place once new cases were confirmed in Logan.

Meantime, the Queensland borders will be shut from 1.00am tomorrow, to all residents from New South Wales, the ACT and Victoria.

It’s hoped the drastic measures will ensure Queensland remains free from community transmission, which is steadily increasing in NSW.

Just this morning, police have detailed their plans for border communities, introducing a new ‘bubble’ for the residents of Gold Coast and Tweed.

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Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young has also hinted our harsh border measures with New South Wales may not have to be in place too long, if New South Wales is able to get a better hold on their community transmission.

They’ve now introduced their own mandatory hotel quarantine measures for people coming from Victoria.

“That will assist them to get on top of all of their cases,” Doctor Young said.

“So hopefully we will be able to remove those restrictions as soon as New South Wales has been able to get on top of their cases and they have great confidence that I will be able to do that. So that is really important.”