‘No one is doing it’: Mayor leads calls to scrap QR codes

The Mayor is urging the state government to scrap QR code check-ins, arguing there’s no longer any point.

Queensland Health has effectively stopped contact tracing because of the sheer number of COVID cases across the state.

Exposure sites are no longer being listed on the Queensland Health website.


Businesses say the current staff shortages sweeping the city are being exasperated by having to check people at the door.

Mayor Tom Tate says they’ve become especially pointless in major shopping centres with people ignoring the requirement to check-in.

“No one is doing it and more importantly, the State Government is not listing known hot spots and I doubt they have the resources to contact-trace the millions of people moving about the State,’’ Mayor Tate said.

“There’s definitely no hotspots and the like. I think if there’s no real purpose for it, it’s just catching numbers.”

Mayor Tate argues there are other ways for businesses to be able to verify a person’s vaccination status.

“We have to do everything we can to make it simple for businesses. People who are double vaccinated can show their ‘green tick’ through their various phone APPs or wallets.”

Queensland Health says there are currently no plans to end QR codes.