‘No reason’ for Queensland border closure: Berejiklian

The New South Wales Premier has taken another swipe at Queensland’s border closure and the ‘inconvenience’ it has caused to border residents.

Queensland’s border remains closed to Greater Sydney with the decision to be reviewed at the end of the month.

But Gladys Berejiklian says there is no reason to have any border closures at all.


“Border closures have a huge and, I believe, unnecessary impact on the community when they don’t need to happen,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“I appreciate the Queensland Government has certainly moderated its approach to borders but I’d like to see it moderated even further. There is currently no hot spot anywhere in Australia.”

New South Wales recorded no new local cases of COVID-19 for the second day in a row.

There were two cases detected in returned travellers in hotel quarantine.

Ms Berejiklian says she is still frustrated that residents in the Tweed still have to apply for a border pass to enter Queensland.

“Now that shouldn’t be the case. It’s an inconvenience people have to wear unnecessarily in my view, but certainly I think once the pandemic is behind us none of us want to see it again.”

Ms Berejiklian was speaking during a visit to the site of the new Tweed Hospital in Cudgen, where major works on the $673 million project are about to begin.

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Amen Gladys

Anastasia is preparing to stand for election in WA.
She has the credentials in regards to border closures same as that idiot over there.
Hope she wins and moves.

Hear! Hear!

Two words Gladys: Ruby Princess

2 words for you.

Contact tracing.

Does anyone want to listen to the woman who has had more outbreaks in her state than most? She does not give a damn about the closures. It’s all part of her publicity for re-election. Definitely does not have the welfare of the australian public at heart.

Rubbish , she’s the only premier who can manage Covid outbreaks without destroying people’s lives & livelihoods.

Nsw prem isthe worst one in the aust gov.qld prem has always looked after her ppl, so back off

Jason, you have absolutely no idea! No punctuation or grammar either! Well done!

Stiff s*** Gladys ,just go away with your rubbish

Ask the business owners in se qld as to opinion?
Many closed, hundreds out of work.
The political actions of the qld premier are disgusting. Big noting hiding behind incompetent health minister “ movies bring a lot of money to qld”, so does Covid!!

I’m backing Gladys on this one even though I’m in Qld I never supported this s*** hole border closure back in March last year in July last year or the current one we’re in she broke to many families jobs and businesses up and didn’t give a s*** about anyone else though claiming to no proof at all no compassion for anyone except for those people who have money so for all of you who are all for the border closure go jump your clearly not seeing the effect on us that she’s having this entire time