No more red carpet for Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has vowed to never walk a red carpet again.

In an interview with Elle magazine, the 23-year-old pop-singer said:”[A year ago] I had to do the [A Very Murray Christmas] premiere, and I will never do a red carpet again. Why, when people are starving, am I on a carpet that’s red? Because I’m ‘important’? Because I’m ‘famous’?.”


She continued: “That’s not how I roll. It’s like a skit — it’s like Zoolander.”

Fans wanting to see photos of Cyrus will instead have to follow her on social media. While she is proficient on Instagram, Cyrus said she is still getting her head around Snapchat. “I don’t know how to use it,” she admitted in Elle Magazine. “I feel like I’ll be an old lady that’s too held back, because I don’t keep up with it.”

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