No solution in sight for Bendigo Bank’s ‘unexpected outage’

All Gold Coast branches of Bendigo Bank and many others around the country are experience a major disruption today.

Bendigo Bank initially reported the issues around 6.00am this morning, notifying their customers that ‘ebanking is currently unavailable’.

Though it’s since become apparent that many, if not all, branches around the country are unable to operate today.


While customers were initially notified around 6.00am, it’s believed that services have actually been down since about midnight.

“They told me if my pay from work or from Centrelink was transferred after midnight, it will not have gone into my account.

“But I can’t even check my account to see if the money has gone into it,” one customer told myGC.

The bank released another tweet about four hours after the first one, saying that the ‘unexpected outage’ is still ongoing.

I.T. staff are working diligently to try and restore the problems, though they still don’t even know what went wrong.

At the time of writing, Bendigo Bank services had been down for eight hours and counting.