Nollsie’s dropped another banger just in time for summer

Shannon Noll’s swooped in with an Aussie summer hit and we already can’t wait for the seasons to change.

The Aussie Idol superstar, who was sadly out-sung by fro-of-the-century Guy Sebastian back in 2003, has still celebrated epic success.

After being on other TV shows like ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’, and ‘Dancing With The Stars’, the ‘ol’ cobber’ (as he’s affectionately referred to by his Facebook following) has managed to keep the hits a-rolling.


His most recent album ‘Unbroken’, which was released early last year, even landed a spot on an Aria chart (can’t remember which one, I was too busy rocking out to it).

After recently undergoing spinal surgery, to right an injury he’d done on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ (he admitted last night on The Project), Nollsie’s released another song.

It’s called ‘Long Live the Summer’ and it’s a true anthem for the Australian summer time… featuring key words ‘beer’, ‘BBQ’, ‘outback pub’… and a Nollsie fav: ‘southern stars’.

When he visited the Parkwood Tavern last month – he gave fans a short snippet of the single, calling it ‘a great song to get pissed to’. And we (I mean I) agree.

The good news doesn’t stop there either – he’s about to film the video clip and he’s calling on us (the Nollsie army) to come and be a part of it!!!

Needless to say – I’ve already put in for leave.

Here are our favourite lyrics:

“Got tunes on tap, beers on ice…

“The BBQ fired up just right.” GENIUS Nollsie ya legend.

The song is now available for download!