North Korea fires another missile over Japan

North Korea has fired an identified missile over Japan, which landed 2,000km off the coast of Hokkaido, in the country’s north on Friday morning.

South Korean military confirmed a missile was launched from Pyongyang and it flew over Hokkaido at 7am today.

The Japanese military did not attempt to shoot it down.


The Japanese Government sounded alarms and warned people to stay away from anything that could be debris.

#northkorea launched another #missile. Hearing the sirens out here in #niigata #japan. Thanks for the heads up, J-alert

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull believes North Korea’s latest missile test is due to the UN’s tough new sanctions on the rouge state.

He told Sky, the latest missile launch was a “dangerous, reckless criminal act”.

“This is a sign of their frustration due to the increased sanctions recently imposed by the UN security council. It’s a sign these sanctions are working,” he said.

“We need to maintain united global pressure on this rouge regime to bring it to its senses.

“Tightening the sanctions on North Korea is the best prospect to bring the regime to its senses.”

The missile launch comes a day after the rouge nation threatened to “sink Japan with nuclear weapons” and reduce the United States to “ashes and darkness”.