North Korea the focal point of PM’s phone call with Donald Trump

Malcolm Turnbull’s second phone call with US President Donald Trump went a lot better than the first, as the pair discussed the threat posed by North Korea.

The Prime Minister said he was pleased with this morning’s conversation which focused on the threat the rouge state is posing to the region.

“It was a very good call, very warm discussion, very constructive,” he told reporters.


“We will both continue to encourage China to bring more economic pressure to bear on North Korea to bring this regime to its senses.”

The Prime Minister’s phone call with the US President comes after conversations with the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, and the Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, about the threat Kim Jong Un’s regime poses.

“Everybody wants to get this dangerous situation resolved, bring this reckless, dangerous, provocative regime to its senses without conflict,” he said.

They also discussed the on-going fight against Islamic State in the Philippines and the recent floods in Texas.

“I extended to the President, as I have done previously, Australia’s sympathy and, of course, we reflected on our common experience in dealing with natural disasters,” he said.