Teen charged after Qld primary school forced into lockdown over threats

UPDATE: 16/8/16 @ 1.30pm: A teenage boy has been charged after a north Queensland primary school was forced into lockdown after receiving threats yesterday.

Around 12.30pm, Police raced to Balaclava Primary School after police received a phone call at the Cairns police communications centre, allegedly detailing a threat of violence towards the school.

The school was placed into lockdown as officers searched the grounds.


Following ongoing investigations the area was deemed safe.

Around 7.00pm last night, police arrested a 17-year-old Mount Sheridan man.

He has been charged with improper use of an emergency call service with the intention of inducing a false belief.

EARLIER: 15/8/16 @ 3.15pm: A north Queensland Primary school is in lockdown after receiving threats from a teenage boy this afternoon.

Police say that around 12.30pm, Balaclava Primary School in Cairns activated their lockdown procedures after receiving advice from a member of the public that a teenage boy had made threats to attack the school.

Police have been on school grounds ever since and are currently assisting with afternoon pick-up.

“Police are assisting with the collecting of students from the stop drop and go zone in McCoombe Street, Earlville for those students who are normally collected from this area,” a statement from police reads.

“The school is making contact with the families of students who normally walk home and arrangements are being made for them to get home safely.

“Cairns detectives are investigating this matter and will provide advice upon any outcomes.

“Police and school actions have prevented an incident at the school.”

There is no further information available at this time.