NOT GUILTY: Jury decides drug seller’s killer acted in self-defence

The man accused of fatally stabbing a teenager during a botched drug deal on the Gold Coast has been let off, after the jury found he acted in self-defence.

During his trial in the Brisbane Supreme Court, Ryan John Howes claimed a gun had been pulled on him when he went to buy cannabis from Michael Brack and his friends, in Bundall in November 2015.

The 23-year-old reacted by stabbing Brack to death, outside Sorrento Shopping Village.


Howes then went into hiding, prompting an extensive Police search which ended when he was found in the roof cavity of a Bundall home two days later.

16-year-old Brack died on the night of the drug deal, after staggering to a number of homes pleading for help.

Over the course of Howes’ trial, the jury was told Brack and his friends had been overheard discussing how they planned to go out and bash someone and that they had previously carried out vicious attacks.

The jury took one day to deliberate before acquitting Howes of both murder and manslaughter.